About me

Specialist in increase of sales and creating value of enterprise

Focused on business growth – a leader with numerous national and international successes. An expert in sales growth, company value building and business scaling. Known for his creativity, ability to inspire and consistency in action.



Uniwersytet Warszawski

Faculty of Management


Postgraduate studies: Foreign trade

George Washington University

Project Management

Doctor of Economic Sciences



Transformation of WIELTON SA into the third largest car semi-trailer production holding in Europe, 5-fold increase in the company’s value within 5 years.

Transformation of CENTRAVIS SA within 4 years, from a local Ukrainian company to a European leader in the production of steel pipes, stainless – 3rd place in Europe, operating based on Western management standards and transparency with the capital participation of the EBRD London.

Transformation of CENTRAVIS SA , within two years, into an effective organization, based on agile and mobile teams, self-improvement and self-management. Implementation of many components of the CULTURE OF RESPONSIBILITY.