The identified problem

The identified problems are as follows:

  • Lack of a concept and development model for the company and its value growth after the change in ownership.
  • Inadequate readiness of the company for expansion: unacceptable employee productivity and machine productivity, lack of product quality repeatability, low expertise in Business Intelligence and Reporting (BiR), high staff turnover, low employee trust and engagement, insufficient competence in developing foreign markets, lack of technological collaboration with key suppliers, and insufficient credit capacity for financing expansion.

What did we want to achieve?

The identified goals are as follows:

  • To become one of the European leaders in the production of trailers and semitrailers.
  • First stage – Achieve a 4-fold increase in sales value to 1 billion PLN within 5 years.
  • Second stage – Increase the company’s value to 1 billion PLN.

Methods of operation

The identified strategies to achieve the goals are as follows:

  • Significantly increase profit margin and build a strong credit capacity:
  • Improve production efficiency through the implementation of 5S and LEAN Management, eliminating bottlenecks, optimizing warehouse operations, and reducing component delivery time, while ensuring zero mistakes in deliveries.
  • Reduce production costs by changing the component procurement policy and establishing strategic, long-term partnerships with key suppliers, including technological collaborations to lower costs for both parties.

Stabilization of staff and acquisition of new employees with unique competencies: adequate salary increase thanks to increased margins, introduction of a transparent remuneration system and a whole range of activities beyond financial motivation, increased trust and commitment of employees and their focus on results and active support to build the company’s success

Significant increase in the group of products with a world-class standard and acceleration of the product customization process by building a unique research and development expertise, establishing a Research Center, acquiring and developing a team of constructors, cooperation with universities

Building a strong position on foreign markets according to the principle “think globally, act locally”. Building own and agency sales network, strategic cooperation with truck manufacturers on many markets, building an effective service center. Acquisition of competitors, producers, on the French, Italian and German markets. Creation of a holding group

Investment in the increase of production capacity in Poland, purchase, disassembly and transport of the factory from Italy to Poland


  • Wielton has become the 3rd manufacturer of semi-trailers and trailers in Europe
  • 4-fold increase in sales value and 5-fold increase in company value within 5 years
  • After another 6 years, Wielton’s sales increased from PLN 1 billion to PLN 3.5 billion